Academic Sessions

Screen Description

The Academic Sessions screen provides a list of existing academic sessions.


  • Default
    • Checked if a session is the default academic session
    • It identifies an active session with the nearest dates, if there is only one like that (e.g., all sessions are of the same academic initiative). If there is a default session, it is automatically selected when the user logs into the application, otherwise Select Academic Session or Select User Role page is presented.
  • Academic Session
    • Name of the academic session
  • Academic Initiative
    • Name of the academic initiative (useful when the institution has multiple program initiatives requiring multiple independent timetables)
  • Session Begins
    • The date when the session begins
  • Classes End
    • The date when classes end
  • Session Ends
    • The date when session ends (for example, a session can end after final exams, a week or two after the classes end)
  • Exams Begin
    • The date when final examinations begin
  • Date Pattern
    • The default date pattern for the academic session
  • Status
    • Current status of the session (such as Initial Data Load, Timetabling, ...)
    • The statuses are defined in the Status Types screen
  • Subject Areas
    • The number of subject areas in the academic session
  • Events Begin
    • First date for which events can be entered for this academic session
  • Events End
    • Last date for which events can be entered for this academic session
  • Event Management
    • Types of rooms that can be used for event management for that academic session

Click on any line to change the session's properties in the Edit Academic Session screen.


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