Add Event Info

Screen Description

The Add Event Info screen is the last of three screens in which the user specifies a new event (to reserve locations for it).


  • Event Name
    • Name of the event to be displayed in the application (for example, in the Events screen)
    • Information available to anyone with access to the Events screen
  • Sponsoring Organization
    • The organization in whose name the location(s) should be reserved
    • Applicable to special events only
    • Information available to anyone with access to the Events screen
  • Main Contact
    • Person responsible for the reservation (who will be contacted if needed)
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name
      • Mandatory
    • Email
      • Mandatory
    • Phone
    • Lookup
      • Click this button preferably after you have entered at least a part of the name or the email address to lookup the contact information stored either in the timetabling application or in any other application set up to provide user's data (you will be able to further specify the name or email once the lookup window opens)
      • Lookup is available to event managers and administrators only
  • Additional E-mails
    • List any additional e-mails to which updates should be sent about the event (for example, when reservations have been approved or rejected)
    • Multiple email addresses can be separated by comma, semicolon, colon, or new line.
  • Additional Information
    • Information regarding the event/reservation that should help you get the locations you need
    • Example: need a room that seats at least four handicapped people

The list of requested meetings (dates/times/locations) are displayed in New Meetings section of the screen. If there is a problem, you can click Change Selection to go back to edit these meetings.

If your event is a course event, the related courses/classes are displayed in the bottom part of the screen.


  • Submit (Alt+S)
    • Submit the request for room (location) reservations(s) for this event and go to the Event Detail screen, where you can re-check all the information you have entered
  • Cancel Event (Alt+C)
  • Change Selection (Alt+B)

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