Add Room

Screen Description

The administrative page Add Room allows the administrator to add a new room in any existing building (a building can be added from the Buildings screen).


  • Building
    • Select a building from the list of buildings (a new building can be added to the list from the Buildings screen)
  • Room Number
    • Enter room number of this new room
  • Department
    • Select the controlling department from the drop down list
    • This department also has the authority to set up sharing of the room with other departments
  • External ID
    • External ID of the room (optional)
  • Type
    • Type of the room (Classroom, Additional Instructional Room, ...)
  • Capacity
    • Seating capacity of the room (the maximum number of students who can have a class there at the same time)
  • Coordinates
    • Location coordinates of the room on the campus map or GPS coordinates or other (the type of coordinates to use can be changed through the application setting unitime.distance.ellipsoid)
    • The coordinates are used to calculate distances between rooms (to decide whether the students and instructors can reach that room during the break from their previous location)
    • Distance between two rooms is computed as Euclidean distance between coordinates
    • Coordinates cannot be negative
    • A room with no coordinates is assumed to be too far from any other room (for instructor and student back-to-back constraints)
      • If you do not have coordinate system established, entering the same coordinates (e.g., [0,0]) for all rooms will ensure that there will be no "too far" instructor and student back-to-back constraint violations in the problem.
  • Area
    • Area of the room
    • The default is square feet, it can be changed through the localization
  • Ignore Too Far Distances
    • By default unchecked, which means that the distance is checked between classes in this location and other classes (to see if students and instructors can manage to get from one class to another)
    • When checked, there is no time conflict between following classes (one at this location, the other one elsewhere) and the classes can be taught by the same instructor
  • Ignore Room Checks
    • By default unchecked, meaning that there can be only one class in this room at a time
    • When checked, more than one class is allowed at that location at the same time
  • Examination Room
    • Check whether this room can be used for examinations (for final examinations check the Final Examinations checkbox, for midterm examinations the Midterm Examinations checkbox) 
  • Exam Seating Capacity
    • The maximum number of students who can take an examination in that room at the same time
    • By default the same as the room capacity
    • In many cases this number can reflect alternate seating (every other chair in the room is used for examinations)
  • Event Department
    • The department that manages events in this room
  • Note
    • Note on the room
    • Displayed in Events when someone requests this room


  • Save (Alt+S)
    • Save the new room and go back to the Rooms screen
  • Back (Alt+B)
    • Go back to the Rooms screen without saving any changes

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