Assigned Examinations

Screen Description

The Assigned Examinations screen provides a list of examinations that have been assigned time and room(s).


  • Show classes/courses
    • Show classes/courses instead of examination name
      • When checked, names of all classes/courses that are associated with the exam are listed
      • When unchecked, the examination name is printed
  • Examination Problem
    • Final or Midterm examinations
  • Subject Areas
    • Select a subject area for which you want to display the examinations or select "All" to display examinations for all subject areas

Assigned Examinations

A list of examinations with assigned periods and rooms

  • Classes/Courses
    • Classes/Courses whose students should take this examination
    • Displayed if the "Show classes/courses" checkbox is checked in the Filter part
  • Examination
    • Name of the examination
    • Displayed if the "Show classes/courses" checkbox is unchecked in the Filter part
  • Period
    • Period assigned to this examination
  • Room
    • Room(s) assigned to the examination
  • Seating Type
    • Normal or Exam (this influences the number of seats available)
  • Size
    • Examination size (number of seats needed in the room or rooms)
  • Instructor
    • Instructor for the examination
  • Violated Distributions
    • Examination Distribution Preferences violated by the current period/room assignment
  • Direct
    • Number of students who have another examination overlapping with this one
  • Student N/A
    • Number of students that are not available during the time of this exam (because they are enrolled into a class or some other course event)
  • >2 A Day
    • Number of students from this examination who have at least one other examination on the same day
  • Back-To-Back
    • Number of students who should take this examination who have another examination back to back with this one


  • Apply
    • Apply changes made in the Filter section
  • Export PDF
    • Export the list of assigned examinations into a PDF file
  • Refresh
    • Refresh the list of assigned examinations

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