Classes for Student

Screen Description

The Classes for ... (student's name) screen provides an overview of classes of a given student. All requested courses are listed, even if the student is not enrolled in some of them.


The table of classes for a given student consists of the following columns

  • Subject
    • Subject area of the course
  • Course
    • Course number
  • Type
    • Instructional type of a class
  • External Id
    • External Id or section number of the class within the instructional type and the course
  • Avail
    • Number of available seats in the class
  • Days
    • Days on which the class will be taught
  • Start
    • Start time for the class
  • End
    • End time for the class
  • Date
    • Dates during which the class will be taught
  • Room
    • Assigned room
  • Instructor
    • Instructor for the class
  • Requires
    • Requirements for the class that need to be met
      • E.g., "Waiting for consent of instructor", or indication which lecture needs to be taken with a given recitation, etc.


  • Scheduling Assistant
  • Change Log
  • Close
    • Close the window and go back to the previous screen

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