Designator List

Screen Description

The Designator List screen lists instructors and their designator numbers, used for courses which require designators.


  • Select the subject area in the Subject drop down. If you have only one subject area, the drop down will be pre-populated automatically.
  • Click Search (Alt+S) to find the list of the designators (needed if you have more than one subject area).
  • Click Export PDF (Alt+P) to get a list that is easy to save or print (read more about this export in the description of the Instructional Offerings screen)
  • Click Add New (Alt+A) if you need to add a new designator for the selected subject area.
    • This takes you to the Add Designator screen
    • You will be able to add only instructors that you already have in your list of instructors in the Instructors screen

You can sort the designator list either by instructor or by the code - just click on the name of the appropriate column.

Click on any designator to edit his/her number in the Edit Designator screen.

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