Edit Solver Group

Screen Description

The Edit Solver Group screen provides interface for editing an existing solver group.

The solver group can include only departments that are not a part of another solver group. It can include any existing managers.


  • Abbreviation
    • Solver group abbreviation (displayed e.g. in the Timetables screen)
  • Name
    • Name of the solver group
  • Assigned Departments
    • Departments that are currently a part of the solver group
    • A department can be removed by unchecking the checkbox in front of its name (in case a timetable has not been committed)
  • Assigned Managers
    • Schedule managers who can currently create/save/commit a timetable for this solver group
    • Uncheck the checkbox in front of a manager's name to remove him/her from the solver group
  • Not Assigned Departments
    • A list of departments that are not a part of any other solver group (only such departments can be added to a solver group)
    • This section is displayed only if a timetable has not been committed for this solver group
    • Check any departments you want to include
  • Not Assigned Managers
    • A list of all schedule managers who are not currently included in the solver group
    • Check any schedule managers who should be allowed to create/save/commit timetables for the solver group


  • Update
  • Delete
    • Delete this solver group and go back to the Solver Groups screen
    • This operation is available only if a timetable has not been committed for the solver group
  • Back

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