Edit Student Scheduling Status Types

Screen Description

The Edit Student Scheduling Status Types screen provides interface for editing all the student scheduling status types at once. Student scheduling statuses are used during student scheduling. A default student scheduling status can be set on the academic session (Edit Academic Session page) and overridden on a particular student (Online Student Scheduling Dashboard page).


The table with status types has the following columns

  • Abbreviation
  • Name
    • Name of the scheduling status
  • Access
    • When checked, the student has access to online scheduling
  • Advisor
    • When checked, the student's advisor has access to online scheduling for that student
  • Email
  • Wait-Listing
    • Indicate whether wait-listing is available for the student
  • No Batch
    • When checked, student class enrollments cannot be changed during batch student scheduling (Student Sectioning Solver screen). These students, however, do count against the class / configuration / course / reservation limits.
  • Message
    • Message to be displayed when the student tries to enroll

If there are course types defined (Course Types screen). It is possible to define which courses a student can request in the Online Student Scheduling Dashboard. In this case, there is a toggle for each of the course types defined. There is also a toggle (named Other) that applies to all course offerings that do not have a course type set.

The two icons at the end of each line are

    • Add a new line to add a new student scheduling status type
    • Remove a student scheduling status type from the list


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