Screen Description

The Majors screen provides an overview of majors for a given session. Its editable version (accessible by the Edit button) serves for setting up and editing the table.



The table contains a major per line. The table can be sorted by any of its columns, just by clicking on the column header and then on the sorting option that opens.

  • External Id
    • External id of the major
  • Code
    • Abbreviation/Code of the major
  • Name
    • Name of the major
  • Academic Area
    • Academic area to which the major belongs
  • (in the editable version)
    • Add a new line for a new major
  • (in the editable version)
    • Remove the major on this line


  • Edit
    • Switch to the editable version of the screen to edit the table of majors
  • Save
    • Save changes made to the majors and go to the overview version of the screen
  • Back
    • Go back to the overview version of the screen without saving any changes

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