Screen Description

The Meetings screen provides information about individual meetings - the search results do not include all meetings of an event, just the meetings that meet the search criteria (as opposed to the Events screen where if one meeting of an event meets the search criteria, all meetings of that event are displayed). It also has sorting capabilities.


  • Event Name
    • Enter any substring of a name of an event
  • Requested By
    • Search for meetings of events requested by a particular person (it is sufficient to enter a substring of the name)
    • Available to event managers and administrators only
  • Location
    • Location in which the meetings take place
    • A substring is sufficient
  • Sponsoring Organization
    • Select a sponsoring organization to search for meetings of events of this organization
    • Applicable to special events only
  • Date
    • Limit the search to meetings between the From: and the To: date
    • Either of the fields can be left empty, which implies no limit in that direction
  • Event Type
    • Select the type(s) of events you are looking for
  • Mode
    • My Events
      • Events requested with the person who is logged in as Main Contact
    • All Events
      • Display all meetings, whether or they have been approved
    • All Approved Events
      • Display only meetings that have been approved
    • All Events Awaiting Approval
      • Display only meetings awaiting approval
    • All Events Awaiting My Approval
      • Display only events that have at least one meeting awaiting approval
      • Applicable only to event managers, only events that are awaiting approval and meet in rooms controlled by the department (or departments) associated with the event manager are listed
    • All Conflicting Events
      • Display meetings overlapping with other meetings at the same locations
    • Display Conflicts - if checked, conflicting meetings will be displayed
  • Sort By - select how the meetings should be sorted


The table resulting from the search lists meetings sorted by the parameter selected in the "Sort By" part of the filter. Only first 100 meetings are displayed - if there are more than that, the user needs to redefine the search criteria in the filter. A way around is to export the table into a PDF which then includes all of the meetings, not only first 100.

The last two columns of the table - Main Contact and Approved - are visible only to event managers and administrators.

Meetings awaiting approval are displayed with a yellow background. Meetings that have occurred in the past are displayed in gray and italic.


  • Search (Alt+S)
    • Apply the filter in a search for meetings
  • Export PDF (Alt+P)
    • Export all the meetings that resulted from the search to a PDF document
  • iCalendar (Alt+I)
    • Export the events to a calendar (ICS format, e.g., used by Microsoft Outlook and other calendar applications)
  • Add Event (Alt+A)
    • Go to the Add Event screen to add a new event (request location(s) for a new event)

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