Not-Assigned Classes

Screen Description

The Not-Assigned Classes screen lists classes of the selected/loaded timetable that currently do not have time and room assigned. When a timetable is loaded, it is possible to click on any of them to see more information about the class and/or to assign time and room manually.


  • Subject Area
    • Select the subject area for which the not-assigned classes should be displayed
    • Note: only the classes of the selected/loaded timetable will be displayed - it is possible that there are classes of a given subject area that are timetabled by a different timetabling manager and therefore are a part of a different timetable
Click Apply to apply a change in the filter

Not-assigned Classes

For each class in the list, the following columns are displayed:

  • Class
    • Subject area, course number, instructional type and class number within that type (for example, ECET 107 Lab 1)
  • Instructor
    • Instructor(s) assigned to this class for whom conflict checking is performed
  • Students
    • Number of last-like students that are sectioned into this particular class
  • Initial Assignment
    • Time and room assigned to this class before some change caused the class to lose this assignment

Click on any line with a class to get to the Suggestions screen for that class - you will be able to find reasons for unassignment and possible time and room placements there.


  • Apply
    • Apply the changes made to the filter
  • Export PDF
    • Export the list of not assigned classes into a PDF document
  • Refresh
    • Refresh the screen
      • Necessary if time and room was assigned manually to a class in the Suggestions screen - the list of not-assigned classes is not refreshed automatically

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