Personal Schedule

Screen Description

The Personal Schedule screen provides a student or an instructor with a schedule of his/her classes and/or examinations.

Note: The personal schedules are available for students and instructors only if the academic session is in a status that includes class schedule, midterm exam schedule, or final exam schedule (the status type's properties can be changed in the Edit Status Type screen).


The Examination Schedule includes both the class meeting times/rooms and the examination period/room(s).

The Examination Conflicts table contains instances when the instructor/student has examinations that either overlap or are held in consecutive periods.


  • Lookup (admin only)
    • The administrator can lookup anybody's personal schedule
  • Export PDF (Alt+P)
    • Export the personal schedule into a PDF file
  • iCalendar (Alt+I)
    • Export the events to a calendar (ICS format, e.g., used by Microsoft Outlook and other calendar applications)
  • Log Out (Alt+L)
    • Log out from the timetabling application

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