Solver Groups

Screen Description

The Solver Groups screen provides a list of solver groups for the current academic session.

A solver group is a group of departments and managers where each of the managers can create (and commit) a timetable for all the given departments together. A department can only be in one solver group, but a manager can be a part of more than one solver group.


  • Abbreviation (Abbv)
    • Solver group abbreviation (displayed e.g. in the Timetables screen)
  • Name
    • Name of the solver group
  • Departments
    • Department numbers of the departments included in the solver group
  • Managers
    • Schedule managers who are allowed to create timetables for the solver group
  • Committed
    • Date and time when a timetable was committed for the solver group

Click on any solver group to edit it in the Edit Solver Group screen.


  • Add New
  • Delete All
    • Delete all existing solver groups for this academic session
  • Auto Setup
    • Automatically set up solver groups based on the list of managers (in the Timetable Managers screen)
      • Most of the departments form unique solver groups (a solver group is created for each of them)
      • If there are a few departments with exactly the same managers, those departments will be placed in one solver group (with their managers)
  • Export PDF
    • Export the list of solver groups into a PDF document

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