Add Room Group

Screen Description

In the Add Room Group screen, you can add a room group for the rooms of your department. To indicate which rooms should be in this new group, you will need to click on that group in the Room Groups screen after you have added it to your list by clicking on the Add New button in the current screen.


    • Name

        • Name the group in a way that is helpful to you

    • Abbreviation

        • Enter abbreviation that will be displayed in the Rooms screen

    • Global (admin)

        • The administrator can decide whether this room group is global or not

    • Department

        • Indicates which department should be able to work with this room group (select the department from the drop-down list if you have more than one department; otherwise this field is pre-populated for you)

    • Description

        • The description should help you remember your intentions with this group; you can enter anything that is helpful to you


    • Add New (Alt+A)

        • Add this new room group to your list of room groups and go back to the Room Groups screen

    • Back (Alt+B)

        • Go back to the Room Groups screen without adding any new room group