Add Room Type

Screen Description

The Add Room Type screen provides interface for adding a new room type.


    • Reference

        • Name under which the room type is recognized internally by the application

        • Should be implemented if it is to be used

            • It is used in XML import of buildings and rooms (scheduledRoomType attribute)

    • Label

        • Name of the room type that is displayed in other screens throughout the application (for example, in the Add Event screen)

    • Type

        • Type of location (currently it is either Room or Other Location - the latter used for the type Outside Location)

            • Room type is used for rooms in university space inventory (rooms within buildings)

            • Other location type is used for non-university and/or outside locations (spaces without buildings)


    • Save (Alt+S)

        • Save the new room type and go back to the Room Types screen

    • Back (Alt+B)

        • Go back to the Room Types screen without saving the new room type