Add Status Type

Screen Description

The Add Status Type screen provides interface for adding a new status. Each status is defined by the rights the managers or owners have regarding viewing and/or editing their data. Each right has its description in the screen.


    • Reference

        • The name under which the application recognizes the status internally

    • Label

        • Name of the status displayed throughout the application (for example, in the Academic Sessions screen)

    • Apply

        • Choose whether a given status should be applicable only to a session, only to a department, or to both (for example, "Initial Data Load" applies to a session only while "External Manager Timetabling" applies to a department only)

The rights are divided into several categories:

    • Course Timetabling

        • Owner/manager rights related to creating a course timetable

    • Examination Timetabling

        • A set of rights related to (final/midterm) examination timetabling

    • No-Role Reports

        • Specify what can be done by users who do not have a role in the timetabling application.


    • Save (Alt+S)

    • Back (Alt+B)

        • Go back to the Status Types screen without saving this new status