Add Student Group Type

Screen Description

The Add Student Group Type page allows create a new student group type. This way, student groups can be grouped by their type. There are additional properties that can be defined for each group of a particular type.


Each student group type can have a code, a name, and the following properties:

  • Keep Students Together

      • When set to true, the student scheduling solver will try to keep students of such groups together.

  • Disabled Sections

      • It is possible for certain student groups to allow students to enroll in classes that are disabled for student scheduling. The possible values are:

      • Not Allowed: students of such group are not allowed to see or enroll in disabled classes (this is the default)

      • Allowed With Group Reservation: students of such a group can enroll in a disabled class if there is a student group reservation for their group

      • Allways Allowed: students of such a group can enroll in any disabled class

  • Advisors Can Set