Class Assignment

Screen Description

The Class Assignment screen provides interface for making changes to the current time and room assignment of a class. The changes can be made here when no timetable is loaded (as opposed to the screens in the Solver section) since this screen only works with available times/rooms and does not provide suggestions that would include suggested changes of the assignment of other classes. The screen is accessible from the Class Detail screen in case the department for this class has a committed solution (and no other solution is selected or loaded into the solver).


The first section of the screen provides an overview of the class-related information.

  • Enrollment

      • Number of expected students

  • Class Limit

        • Number of students that should be able to register for a given class

        • Editable in the Multiple Class Setup screen

    • Number Of Rooms

    • Room Ratio

        • The ratio of the required room size to the class limit

            • Room Ratio = Room Size / Class Limit

        • In almost all cases, this should be one

        • Some exceptions to the norm

            • You need a room for fewer students than the class limit (Room Ratio is less than one)

            • You need a room for a class with zero limit. In this case, Room Ratio needs to contain the required room size

        • In parenthesis after the room ratio, you can see the minimum room capacity required for this class (for Class Limit <> 0, it is calculated as Room Size = Room Ratio * Class Limit; if Class Limit = 0, then Room Size = Room Ratio)

        • Editable in the Multiple Class Setup screen

    • Date Pattern

        • Days/weeks throughout the semester during which this class will be taught

        • You can click on the icon of the calendar to see which dates belong to the selected date pattern

        • Editable in the Edit Class screen

  • Conflict Checked Instructor(s)

      • Names of instructors for whom conflicts should be avoided (such as teaching two classes in different rooms at the same time)

  • Assigned Time

      • Time assigned in the current committed timetable

  • Assigned Room

      • Room assigned in the current committed timetable

  • Selected Time

      • Time selected in the Class Assignment screen

  • Selected Room

      • Room selected in the Class Assignment screen

New Assignment(s)

A list of draft assignments that have been made through this screen. The new assignments are not executed until the Assign button is clicked. To remove an assignment from the list of new assignments, click on the trash bin at the beginning of the line.

  • Class

      • Class for which the assignment is about to change

  • Instructor

      • Instructor for the class

  • Time Change

      • Self-explanatory

  • Room Change

      • Self-explanatory

  • Do not unassign conflicting classes

      • If checked, the conflicting classes stay in the times and rooms where they were and all conflicts need to be resolved manually

Student Conflicts

A list of student conflicts caused by new assignments.

  • Students

      • Number of students for which a given conflict has occurred

  • Class

      • Classes involved in a conflict

  • Time

      • Times of classes involved in a conflict (the time from "new assignments" is taken if applicable)

  • Room

      • Rooms of classes involved in a conflict (the room from "new assignments" is taken if applicable)

Available Times

A list of times available for the class that meet the restrictions on required time patterns. Time preferences are color coded in the text color of the times. To select a new time assignment for a class, click on the time.

Available Rooms

A list of available rooms for the class. This section is displayed only when time for a class has been selected. "( selected size: X of Y )" next to the section header means that the rooms selected so far have a total of X seats available while the minimum required room capacity is Y.

    • Size

        • Only rooms with room capacity in this range will be displayed

    • Filter

        • Enter e.g. a building abbreviation to see only available rooms in a given building

        • Semicolon can be used as logical or. For instance, a,b;c will display all rooms containing both a and b in their names or containing c in their names.

    • Allow conflicts

        • Include rooms that are already used for an examination

        • Such rooms are displayed in red

        • If such room is selected, the New Assignment(s) section of this screen will have a new line with the examination that got unassigned (you can click on that line to find time/room assignment for that examination)

  • All rooms

      • Allow also rooms from other departments (ignore room sharing)

    • Order

        • Select order of the rooms displayed in this section

  • Room Types

      • Limit displayed rooms by room type

  • Room Groups

      • Limit displayed rooms by room group

  • Room Features

      • Limit displayed rooms by room feature

Click Apply to apply changes to the list of rooms.

Click on a room from the list of available rooms to tentatively assign it to the class (and add the assignment to the New Assignment(s) section where it can be confirmed or removed).