Screen Description

The Departments screen contains a list of departments. Click on any department to edit its details.


The top line contains the session for which the list is valid. You can change the session from the Academic Sessions screen.

The list of departments consists of the following columns

    • Number / Code

        • The departmental number (may be the departmental ID within the university)

        • Used in imports/exports (corresponds to the "department" element in the XML staff file)

    • Abbreviation (Abbv)

        • Abbreviation of the department

    • Name

        • Name of the department

    • External Manager

        • The abbreviation of the external manager if the department externally manages classes

    • Subjects

        • Number of subject areas associated with the department

    • Rooms

        • Number of rooms available to this department for timetabling

    • Status

        • Status of the department (see possible values in the description of the Edit Department screen)

    • Distribution Preference Priority

        • A distribution preference set up between different departments is applied to the department with the highest number

        • This priority should correspond with the order in which the problems are being solved (e.g., large rooms first, then all departmental problems, then computing labs)

    • Allow Required

        • By default, the departmental schedule managers of regular departments cannot use required/prohibited when setting preferences for the classes managed by an external manager

        • "Required/Prohibited" can be allowed for time preferences, room preferences, or both in the Edit Department screen

            • If this "Required/Prohibited" property is set on a department that is marked as external manager, anyone that is allowed to change a class can set required/prohibited preferences on it; if the property is set on a department that is not marked as external manager, managers from that department can put required/prohibited preferences on any externally managed classes from their subject area(s).

    • Last Change

        • Date and name of the user who made the last change to input data associated with this department

    • Show all departments (including departments with no manager and no subject area)

        • Check to display all departments

        • By default this is unchecked so that only departments that have some subject areas (and so timetabling can be done for them) are displayed


    • Add Department (ALT+D)

        • Add a new department to the list

    • Export PDF (ALT+P)

        • Export the list of departments into a PDF document