Distribution Types

Screen Description

The Distribution Types screen lists all the distribution types that can be used in the Distribution Preferences screen. Click on any type to edit information which is then displayed in the Distribution Preferences screen.


The list of distribution types contains the following information about each type

    • ID

        • ID of the distribution type

    • Reference

        • The name under which the solver recognizes the distribution type (cannot be edited via the timetabling application)

    • Abbreviation

    • Name

        • Name of the distribution type

    • Allow Instructor Preference

        • If "Yes", this distribution type can be used for setting up distribution preferences for an instructor in the Instructor Preferences screen

    • Sequencing Required

        • Yes - the order of classes in the distribution preference with this distribution type matters (for example, for the type Precedence)

        • No - the order of classes does not matter (for example, for the type Same Room)

    • Allow Preferences

        • The level(s) of preferences that should be allowed for this distribution type

    • Departments

        • Departments that have access to a given distribution type

    • Description

To change properties of a distribution type, click on the appropriate line.

See Additional Distribution Constraints for the list of additional distribution types that can be imported.