Edit Room Feature

Screen Description

In the Edit Room Feature screen, you can change the feature's properties that you entered in the Add Room Feature screen and you can indicate which rooms have this feature.


The first part of the screen is the same as the Add Room Feature screen:

    • Name

        • A name that is helpful to you

    • Abbreviation

        • Abbreviation that will be displayed in the Rooms screen

  • Type

      • Room feature type

    • Global (admin)

        • The administrator can decide whether this feature is global or not

    • Department

        • Indicates which department wants to work with this feature

Type field only appears if there are some room feature types defined on the Room Feature Types administration page. Room feature types can be used to categorize room features (seating arrangement, black board size, etc.). It defaults to No Type (no room feature type selected).

The list of rooms assigned to a given department follows. It is divided into two parts:

    • Currently assigned rooms

        • The rooms that have this feature

        • Uncheck the checkbox for a given room to indicate the room does not have this feature

    • Currently not assigned rooms

        • Rooms that do not have this feature

        • Check the checkbox for a given room to indicate that the room has the feature


    • Update (Alt+U)

    • Delete (Alt+D)

    • Back (Alt+B)