Edit Solver Parameter

Screen Description

The Edit Solver Parameter screen provides interface for editing an existing solver parameter. Note, however, that changes of certain kind should be implemented and recognized by the solver before they are made here.


    • Name

        • Unique name of the parameter

        • The convention is that the first part should reflect the parameter group (for example, solver mode in the Basic group is named Basic.Mode)

    • Group

        • You can change the group for the parameter

    • Description

    • Type

        • Type of the parameter

            • For example, when the type is boolean, the value can be set by checking or unchecking a checkbox

    • Default

    • Visible

        • If checked, this parameter is a part of the configuration settings (can be changed in the Add/Edit Solver Configuration screens)

        • If unchecked, the default value of the parameter cannot be changed anywhere but in the Edit Solver Parameter screen


    • Update (ALT+U)

    • Delete (ALT+D)

        • Delete the solver parameter and go back to the Solver Parameters screen

        • The solver will continue to recognize this parameter, but there will be no way in the timetabling application to change its default value

    • Back (ALT+B)