Enrollments of Class or Course

Screen Description

The pop-up screen Enrollments of ... (class or course) lists students enrolled in a given class or course. This screen is accessible from both Student Sectioning Dashboard and Online Student Scheduling Dashboard and there can be differences based on the access point.


The table of enrolled students has the following columns

    • External Id (optional column)

      • External id of the student

  • Student(s)

      • Name(s) of student(s) enrolled in the course or class

    • Course (when the course is cross-listed)

      • Course for which the enrollments are listed

  • Priority

      • Priority of the course in the student's prioritized list of course requests

  • Area

      • Academic area

      • Displayed only if applicable

  • Degr

      • Student degree

    • Displayed only if applicable

  • Clasf

      • Academic classification

      • Displayed only if applicable

  • Major

      • Student's major

      • Displayed only if applicable

  • Minor

      • Student's minor

      • Displayed only if applicable

  • Group

      • Student's group(s)

      • Displayed only if applicable

  • Accommodation

      • Student's accommodation(s)

      • Displayed only if applicable

    • Instructional Type (Lab / Lec / Ind / ...)

      • External Id or section number of the lab, lecture, etc.

      • Click on the column header to switch between external id and section number

  • Requested

      • Date of the student's request

  • Enrolled

  • Advisor

      • Student's advisor(s)

      • Displayed only if applicable

You can sort by any column of this table.

Click on any line with a student to get to the pop-up window with Classes for that student.


  • Close

    • Close the window and go back to the previous screen