Examination Timetable

Screen Description

The Examination Timetable screen displays a time grid for the midterm or final examination timetable.


    • Examination Problem

        • Select whether midterm or final examinations should be displayed

    • Resource

        • Select based on which resource the time grid should be organized (for example, display the time grid by room)

    • Filter

        • Filter the selected resource by a substring (for example, filter rooms to display only rooms in a certain building - based on building abbreviation; or filter instructors by last name - such as Brown)

        • Semicolon can be used as logical or. For instance, a,b;c will display all instructors (or rooms or subject areas, based on the selected resource) containing both a and b in their names or containing c in their names.

    • Date

        • Scope of dates for which you want to see the time grid

    • Time

        • Limit the time range for which the examinations should be displayed

    • Display Mode

        • Options

            • In Row [horizontal] - resources on the left, dates/times on top

            • In Row [vertical] - dates/times on the left, resources on top

            • Per Day [horizontal] - days on the left, times on top

            • Per Day [vertical] - times on the left, days on top

            • Per Week [horizontal] - days on the left, weeks on top

            • Per Week [vertical] - weeks on the left, days on top

  • Background

        • Select what property should be color-coded in the background color of the time grid cells

        • Example: When "Period Preferences" are selected, the background color of each examination in the grid indicates whether the examination got a time period that was required, or strongly preferred, or ... prohibited (see the legend below the time grid)

    • Show Period Preferences

        • When checked, default examination preferences that are set for all examinations will be displayed as the background color in the time grid

    • Order By

        • Select whether the grid should be ordered by name or size, in ascending or descending ordered

To apply the changes made to the filter, click the Change button.

Examination Timetable

This section contains the time grid selected in the filter section of the screen.


Legend explains the scale for the selected background color coding.


    • Export PDF

        • Export the time grid into a PDF file

    • Refresh