Instructional Offering Cross Lists

Screen description

In the Instructional Offering Cross Lists screen, you can set up what courses a given instructional offering consists of. You can only work with the courses within your subject area(s). If you need to cross list your course with a course from a different department, see Details below.


  • Instructional Offering Limit

      • Limit of the instructional offering (= the sum of limits of all configurations)

      • The sum of reserved spaces for all the course offerings in the cross list should be equal to or larger than the instructional offering limit

    • Course Offerings

        • To add a course to the cross-list, select the course that you want to add from the drop down menu, then click the Add (Alt+A) button

        • You will only be able to add courses that are in the "not offered" list and only from the subject areas that you timetable

          • To cross-list with a course that is currently listed as "offered", make the course not offered first and then come back

          • To cross-list with courses from other subject areas, use the form in the Contact Us screen (Help → Contact Us), where there is a special category "Request a course cross-listing"

      • A table follows with all the courses in this instructional offering

        • You can switch the Controlling course by clicking the radio button in the appropriate column

      • Reserved

          • Enter the limit per each of the cross-listed courses here to indicate how many seats should be reserved for each of the courses

          • This number will then become the course limit in other systems

      • Projected

          • Projected demand for the course

      • Last Term

          • The number of students enrolled in this course in the last like semester

To remove a course from this list, click on the trashbin icon at the end of the line with that course