Mass cancel...

Screen Description

The Mass cancel... screen provides interface for canceling requests and enrollments of students selected in the previous screen and changing the scheduling status of these students so that they cannot re-create their requests and enrollments.


Note: the names of the students whose requests and enrollments should be cancelled are not listed in this screen.

  • Subject

      • Subject of an email sent to the students about the cancelation

      • Pre-populated with "Schedule cancelation for %session%", where "%session%" will automatically be changed to the name of the current session before the email is sent

  • CC

      • Place for additional email addresses, if copies should be sent to other recipients

  • Message

      • Text of the email

  • Status

      • Select what status should the students be changed to (so that they cannot enroll again until problems are resolved)


  • Cancel Students

    • Finish the cancelation, send email to the students, change their statuses and go back to the previous screen

  • Close

    • Close the pop-up window and go back to the previous screen without canceling the student requests and enrollments