People Lookup

Screen Description

The People Lookup screen provides interface for looking up people by name across UniTime tables (not only the imported staff data).



Enter (a beginning of) the first or the last name of a person in the Name text field to look him/her up.


  • Name

      • Name in the format Last, First Middle

  • Email

      • Email if available

  • Phone

      • (Office) phone number if available

  • Department

      • Department with which the person is associated (either department number or name, depending on the source of information)

    • Source

      • Source of data about the person

Click on a line with a person's information to select the person. The People Lookup window will close and the data will be filled in the previous screen.

To close the People Lookup window, click on the cross in the upper right hand side corner or click on the previous screen, outside the pop-up window or press Esc.