Add Reservation

Screen Description

The Add Reservation screen allows the user to add a new reservation.


  • Instructional Offering

      • Instructional offering on which the reservation should be made

      • To look up an instructional offering by its subject area, course number, or name, click on the magnifying glass next to the text field to get to the Course Finder screen

  • Reserved Space

      • Number of spaces that should be reserved through this reservation

      • Can be edited only for Curriculum reservation

        • There is a grey text in italics under the text box indicating limits on the number of reserved spaces that arise from the restrictions or e.g. from the expected number of students in a curriculum - this text is displayed only if there may be a conflict between the reserved spaces and other limits

      • Calculated automatically for Individual reservations (= how many students are in the list of students)

      • Depends on the course limit in Course reservations

  • Expiration Date

      • Date upon which the reservation expires, i.e., the reserved spaces are made available for other students

      • The format is MM/DD/YYYY

      • Click on the calendar icon next to the text field to be able to pick a date from the calendar

      • If no expiration date is set, the reservation does not expire

  • Restrictions

      • Restrictions within the instructional offering regarding which part(s) of the instructional offering the reservation is set on

        • Click on the plus sign in front of a configuration to unfold its structure; you may need to click more plus signs to unfold it further

  • Type

      • Further parameters are based on the type of reservation selected in the drop down list

        • Individual Reservations

          • Students

            • An individual reservation will be created for each of the students in the list

            • Click on the Lookup button to look up students in the Students table in the database through the People Lookup screen

            • You can also copy/paste a list of External Ids into the list of students (instead of looking them up individually)

        • Student Group Reservations

          • Student Group

            • Student group for which the reservation should be made

            • Student groups can be set up through Administration -> Student Groups

        • Curriculum Reservations

          • Curriculum

            • It is possible to import Curricula via an XML or enter/edit them manually in Courses -> Curricula

            • It is also possible to enter a curriculum reservation without setting up curricula in UniTime - only select academic area, classification & major(s)

          • Academic Area

            • Academic area for which the reservation should be made

          • Classifications

            • Year(s) or semester(s) of study

          • Majors

            • One or more majors within the selected academic area

        • Course Reservations

          • Course

            • A course within the instructional offering for which the reservation should be made

            • Helpful for cross-listed courses


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