Data Exchange

Screen Description


Select type of data for export, check/uncheck the distribution options and click Export.

The Data Import screen provides interface for importing data from XML files.

Note: In most cases, the existing data (for the selected academic session) are replaced by the content of the given XML file.



Type in the location of a file or click on Browse and select a file where the data is stored, then click on Import.

The needed format is described at


    • Buildings and rooms are imported as external buildings and rooms, you need to use Update Data operation on Buildings page (menu Administration > Academic Sessions > Buildings) for the buildings and rooms to show up in the application. Global room features need to be crated before this update, and their abbreviation must match the roomFeature.feature attribute.

    • Staff is imported into the staff table, to pull in the instructors use Manage Instructor List operation on the Instructors page (menu Courses > Input Data > Instructors).