Edit Distribution Type

Screen Description

In the Edit Distribution Type screen you can edit the information displayed about a type of a distribution preference and limit access to that preference to certain departments. You cannot redefine what a distribution preference does.



The "reference" of the distribution type is listed on the top line (it is the name of the type recognized by solver, cannot be edited in the timetabling application)

    • ID

        • ID of the distribution type

    • Abbreviation

    • Name

        • Name of the distribution type

    • Allow Instructor Preference

        • When checked, this distribution type can be used for setting up distribution preferences for an instructor in the Instructor Preferences screen

    • Sequencing Required

        • This item is not editable through the user interface; the values are

            • Yes - the order of classes in the distribution preference with this distribution type matters (for example, for the type Precedence)

            • No - the order of classes does not matter (for example, for the type Same Room)

    • Allow Preferences

        • The level of preferences that should be allowed for this distribution type

        • P = prohibited, 4 = strongly discouraged, ... , R = required

    • Description

Restrict Access

    • Departments

        • If no department is listed, all departments can use this distribution type

        • Select a department from the drop down list and click Add Department to indicate to which department the access should be restricted (more than one department can be added)

        • Select a department from the drop down list and click Remove Department to remove a department from the list of departments with restricted access